Top Ten New Year's Eve Drops

 Americans celebrate with...carp kisses
New Year’s Eve revelers wish for a year of good fortune during the Droppin’ of the Carp in Prairie du Chien, Wis. (pop. 5,911). At midnight, a frozen carp named Lucky descends on a giant fishhook onto a glittery “throne.”
Then party-goers line up to kiss the carp—caught in the nearby Mississippi River—for good luck in the coming year.
“Once people get loosened up a bit, there’ll be 50, 75, 100 people standing in line to kiss the fish,” says Tom Nelson, 69, chairman of the town’s Parks and Recreation Commission.
Lucky has inspired a weeklong festival featuring fishing, walking, swimming, bowling and coloring contests, a firefighters’ football Carp Bowl, and the crowning of King and Queen Carp. The fish even inspired the creation of Lucky Park where, come spring, the honorary carp is buried alongside his numbered namesakes.

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A fun-filled event intent on bringing friends, family, and community together for the New Year! Proceeds going to Dropping the Carp Fund and City Park and Recreation Youth Enrichment/Hoffman Hall Activities.
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